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Yr 10 – Easter Egg decoration

28 March 2013 by

Wednesday 27th of March was the homeroom vs homeroom egg colouring competition. There were 5 or 6 homerooms that competed for the end of year extravaganza prize. It was a very exciting environment with lots of activity. There were glitter pens, paint, foil and even fake moustaches. We were making hats out of foil and making different, colourful patterns on the hard boiled eggs. One of my class mates even made a dragon out of the foil (very cool)!!! There was a very exciting atmosphere, at the end we were running out of time to make our eggs look delightful for Easter and everyone was rushing to finish their amazing eggs. Now we all wait for the judging outcome and we are all very nervous to see who won this fun and festive competition. Can’t wait for the next round of homeroom challenges; hope it will be as fun as this one was.

By Victoria Mentor, 10 Aqua.

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