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Years 9 & 10 March Report

28 March 2012 by

Term 1 has quickly come to an end, as with every year it is hard to believe how busy it has been. It has been a great start to the year with all Yr 9 and 10 students quickly getting into the routine of their new level and for some their new campus. A great thing about our College is that every year new programs and opportunities are introduced for students.

At Yr 9 students have had the opportunity of experiencing the Premier League sporting competition for the first time. The students have already enjoyed great success in terms of results, but what has been perhaps more impressive has been the level of enthusiasm shown by the students and their coaches in preparing themselves and representing the College for the first time. We wish all the teams the best in upcoming finals.

At Yr 10 the Wellbeing program has been developed to include a Wellbeing day into the program. This day organised by the Level Co-ordinators provided students with the opportunity to listen to a range of speakers, but also to participate in a range of team building activities that we hope will develop the relationships with each other, that will stand them in good stead for the year to come. We introduced the year with our Motto ‘Building Stronger Connections’ and students have embraced this with the same level of enthusiasm that they have shown to all the programs that have occurred during the term. This has definitely set the foundation for a great 2012 school year.

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