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Year 8 Wellbeing Program: Cyber safety

08 June 2018 by

On Friday 25 May, all the Year 8 classes did a Wellbeing unit based around cyber bullying and the tragic consequences that can occur when a person decides to make that one bad choice.

During this Wellbeing lesson, we were educated about the negative effects of sexting, rumours, and the impact of posting inappropriate pictures and of bullying people online.
We learnt about the actions that can severely hurt the victim and the consequences that can occur for the culprit.

The response to cyber bullying after being caught tends to be: “I didn’t know, but it was a joke, nobody really got hurt.” However, by saying these words instead of owning up to the bullying, only makes the situation worse.

Written by: Amelia Trovarelli & Liam O’Mahoney (Class Captains 8 Teal)

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