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Year 7 Working in our digital workplace

08 June 2012 by

During semester one Year Seven students undertake a program in their Humanities and English classes where they are provided with a chance to develop their digital literacy skill. These skills are transferable across a number of domain areas and encourage our students to work safely with digital technologies while learning. The following student reflection further explains the benefits of the program.

On Wednesday the 6th of June the students from Year 7 Green had their English class in the Anderledy Centre with Ms. Malcom. In this lesson they discussed and learnt how to use the Internet, the process which occurs when searching and finding information on the Internet and what to look out for when researching or generally using it. The students also learnt how to use Google Advanced Search and were given a challenge – they would have to follow instructions by using the Advanced Search to find particular websites.

Some students commented about the lesson. Alex Davies said: ‘It was awesome! I liked it and it was fun!’ Brenton Sutcliffe commented: ‘I thought the lesson with Ms. Malcom was an enjoyable yet and valuable learning experience. Learning experiences like these are hard to come by so I thought it was very good.’

The Year 7 Green students had a great time learning about how to safely and effectively use the Internet for research.

Student reflection written by: Abigail Navarro.

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