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Year 7 Team Inservice Day

27 June 2012 by

On June 14th the Year 7 Team spent an enriching and extremely worthwhile day at Williamstown in the convent, working with Steve Higham who led the way with the pilot program that was introduced to MacKillop last year called ‘The Four Rooms of Change’.

Every single one of us was inspired to work with our classes and encourage the way of being that the ‘Four Rooms of Change’ has brought about.  We learned a great deal about each other, our differences and our goals with the Year 7 Team.

This program has already proven to be a huge success in teaching our Year 7 students about emotional intelligence including having empathy and understanding.  This program has promoted excellent discussions on bullying and has already helped to diminish bullying, simply because students are learning to recognise how important it is to understand each other’s emotions.

The greatest part of the day was knowing, when we finished up, that we had learned and achieved so much.  Sincere thanks to Steve Higham for leading the day and to all the Team for making it so worthwhile.

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