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Year 7 PBL Orientation Project

03 March 2020 by

Produced by: Mia Hayden-Brooks, Stella Lim and Arwen Dacanay (7 Brown)


On the Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 February 2020, the Year 7s were introduced to their first project, not any project, but a PBL Orientation project. PBL is an acronym for Project Based Learning. This is a way of learning that suits the 21st century. It is learning in such a way that suits the needs of this generation of students, to help them find this generation’s occupations and many more to come.


We spent two intensive days working tirelessly on our spectacular marvels of presentations. We got to know various members of the class, fresh faces, and collaborated successfully to create something exciting. When we were shown the resources we had to work with, Amara from 7 Brown said, ‘There are fireworks going off in my head!’


Finally, it was time for the final product, the culminating event! Our parents, guardians and beloved teachers came from far and wide to gawk attentively at our projects. It was like paint bombs had exploded in our class! All the hard work had paid off when the special guests gushed over our work and left glowing comments to the students. All the anticipation, all the stress-inducing work, all the fast typing … for what? A worthy cause, PBL!


The key elements of Project Based Learning encourage better participation in class, deeper learning, and overcoming challenging problems and questions. After every stage in each benchmark, students used a process called ‘critical friends’, which was used to give feedback on other groups on what they did well and any ideas for improvement. When giving constructive criticism, we used the words ‘I wonder’ and ‘I like’.


‘It made my brain really think.’ ~ Chloe 7 Brown

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