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Year 12 Theatre Studies get the Cloudstreet experience!

31 May 2019 by

The Year 12 Theatre Studies class had an amazing experience as they got to see the epic four-hour production of Cloudstreet at the Malthouse Theatre.

They play, based on the classic novel by Tim Winton and directed by Matthew Lutton, is on the VCE Theatre Studies list and follows the lives of two families – the Pickles and the Lambs – as they battle numerous hardships in Western Australia over a twenty year period.

The students were also lucky to catch up with two of the actors after the show, Ian Michael (The Storyteller) and Guy Simon (Quick Lamb) who shared some stories and insights into the production process – in particular, how they managed to fill the stage with water and turn it into the Margaret river!

Students are now tasked to write about the experience as part of their Outcome 3.3 next week.

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