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Year 11 and 12 March Report

16 April 2012 by

The senior students have completed Term 1 in an excellent manner. The term has been extremely busy with both academic and pastoral/sporting activities dominating the calendar.

Year 12 held their first Wellbeing Day for 2012 with the traditional shared breakfast which raised funds for Caritas. The students were then provided a range of expertises in relation to study skills from our Deputy Principal – Mr Steve Higham and the Reach Foundation ran a session on self-esteem and positive peer dynamics.

Overall the senior students have undertaken their first set of assessments and delivered the VCAL information evening to parents. On the sporting scene the seniors were involved in Senior Sports Day and started their football and netball campaigns with wins in both areas. Finally our school leaders held the Investiture and Easter Vigil assemblies, which capped off a great start to the 2012 academic year.

With such a short first term, the senior students must return fresh from their Easter break and be ready to go into what will be a demanding finish to semester one units. Year 11 students have the ability to change subjects for Unit 2, therefore providing further opportunity to explore subject options prior to Year 12.

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