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Year 10 Wellbeing Day: Cyber-Safety Presentation

23 July 2016 by

During the recent Year 10 Wellbeing Day we gathered as a year level in the Moreno Centre for a session with our Cyber-Safety / eSmart guest speaker, Mr. Brett Lee. Mr. Lee was a fantastic speaker due to the fact that all of the stories he shared with us on how to stay safe online, were all from his own personal experiences. He spoke about things such as the lack of privacy as well as how we can stay safe on the internet.

He was very knowledgeable on the topic of safety online having worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years; 16 of those as a Detective predominantly in the field of Child Exploitation. In his last five years of service, he specialised as an undercover internet child exploitation officer, and also had experience in America with Homeland Security and the FBI. Each of his experiences were quite interesting and he wasn’t afraid to have a laugh with us. This is part of the reason why he was such a great speaker, not only did we enjoy it but we got a lot out of it as well.

Mr Lee’s presentation and the messages he conveyed reached out to the cohort. He aims to tackle the issue of cyber bullying by protecting the most vulnerable people in our society from online dangers, our youth. Mr. Lee brought a unique perspective to the issue of cyber bulling and internet safety, and explored how young people can help bring about a solution to the problem, as on numerous occasions we have been given the facts and figures and Mr. Lee showed us how to put them into action.

Written by: Archana Srinath and Harrison Merrifield (Year 10 students)

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