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Year 10 / 11 Italian Excursion

24 August 2012 by

On the 22nd of August 2012, 25 of the year 10 and 11 Italian students, Mrs Baggio, Mrs Rowlands and Ms Caligiuri were invited to attend a special movie screening of ‘Italy: Love it or Leave it’ at Xavier College in Kew.

At 12.40pm we boarded the buses and made our 1 hour journey to the college. We arrived and were quite surprised with how their school was set out. We were there with four other schools and entered the auditorium to commence our viewing. We were surprised to know that the main actors of the movie, Gustav and Luca, where visiting Australia and made a guest appearance at the College. They were two young Italians who over the past few years had witnessed the exodus of many of their friends.

The movie was based upon Gustav believing that the time had come for them to move abroad too, while Luca convinced him that there were many reasons to stay. They agreed to give themselves six months to travel around Italy together to see if they could fall in love with their country again in a FIAT 500.

We enjoyed the viewing and realised the many good and not-so-good aspects of Italy and its life styles as well as learn some more interesting facts about this beautiful country. After the screening we enjoyed a lovely dinner together at Ages Pizza, where we indulged in some pizza and pasta.

By Alessia, Annalise and Danielle – Year 11 Students.


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