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10 May 2017 by


Mack Stars heats began on Wednesday the 12th of April and were off to an amazing start with a range of talented acts being performed. The MackStars final occurred on the 2nd of May, and we would like to congratulate the winners of the senior category, Abigail Navarro and Celine Torres, and the winner of the junior category: Isabella Pisani. Also congratulations all of the students who have been cast in the college musical, ‘Mary Poppins’. Rehearsals are underway to ensure that this musical is ‘practically perfect in every way.’ And we look forward to seeing you all in the audience in August. Stay tuned for ticket information. On another theatrical note, Year 12 Theatre Studies have spent the past 3 months working on their production of Nikolai Gogol’s ‘The Government Inspector’. On the 11th of May, the year 12 interpretation of the play will be performed in the Moreno Centre at 7:30pm. It is a gold coin donation and everyone is welcome.


There has been a large increase in performances during school hours for the students to display their talents in front of teachers and peers, and on the last Tuesday of Term 1 (the 28th of March), the Band and Ensemble Captains hosted the school’s Annual Ensemble Evening. The night was a huge success with a multitude of people turning out to hear the bands and ensembles perform their most recent repertoires, and overall we could not be prouder of all the students who have worked continuously week in and week out to practice their pieces, and we could not be more thankful towards all of the teachers who have put in their time and effort to help each of these musical groups reach the standard they are currently holding. Within the next few weeks, the bands and a few select ensembles will be heading up to Bright for four days on the Annual Concert Band Tour to practice several new pieces and perfect the ones we have been practicing so far this year. Following the camp’s conclusion, the band will be holding a performance in Bright in preparation for the Concert Band Exhibition Evening occurring on the 23rd of May.

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