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Thanks to the Year 11 Theatre students, you’ll believe a man can JIVE!

29 August 2017 by

On Monday, September 4th at 7:30pm, the Year 11 Theatre Studies class will be presenting their Unit 2 SAC performance of Groovyman and its sequel Groovyman of Steel.

Set in Funky Town, the story follows Groovyman and the Boy Funkster as they try to thwart supervillain The Hustler from a crime spree using the Discotron©.

In Groovyman of Steel, Groovyman and ace reporter Bonita DeGoGo must stop ex-prom queen Polly Ester from sucking the rhythm out of the entire Eastern Seaboard during the 1978 Telethon using the Rhythm-atic™.

Entry is a gold coin (or gold Glomesh purse) with all monies going to charity. The play runs for approximately 50 minutes. We hope to see you there!

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