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St Mary’s – Werribee Open Range Zoo

14 June 2017 by

On Tuesday 13 June, Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Collins and the students of 9 Teal from St Mary’s Campus, had an awesome experience at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. We spent the afternoon with Mr. Davin Kroeger, Keeper of the Savannah, on a tour of the Zoo. We saw the adorable lion cubs, Kibibi, Ndidi, Zuberia and Aziza who were sitting with their pride. The reptile area was great too where we were able to see little baby crocodiles and blue tongue lizards and hear a heartwarming story of an experience Davin had with his son Jakob when caring for one of the crocodiles. We were just in time for an informative talk about the hippos and saw Primrose and Tulip entering the water after their snack. The gorilla had his back to us the whole time and we were unable to see the African Wild Dogs that were taking a nap at the rear but the meerkats put on an energetic and entertaining show for us. The Safari Tour, viewing endangered animals, was a highlight of the excursion. We were able to see bison, ostrich, camels, addax, blackbuck, and the beautiful eland with their twisted horns. The family of rhinoceros were so close to the side of the road that we had a close encounter with them as they moved to make sure that we knew they were there. We were horrified to hear that the Black and White rhino of Africa may be extinct by 2024 but happy to hear the Werribee Zoo is helping to prevent this from happening. The most awesome part of the Safari Tour was when the herd of giraffes were making their way down the road criss-crossing in front of the bus. They came so close to the bus that we were in awe of their gentle beauty and inquisitiveness. The zebra foal was full of life too, bouncing around as we passed. We had a fantastic afternoon with Mr. Kroeger who generously gave his time to make our experience an awesome one.


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