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St. Mary’s Campus – Werribee South Tour

26 July 2016 by

On Friday the 15th of July, the Year 9 students of St. Mary’s Campus went on an excursion to visit and experience the local attractions of Werribee South. Our first stop on the bus was Campbell’s Cove, which is located on the coast of Werribee South. The area is a government-owned crown land, which means land cannot be individually owned by people or organisations. The area is used to house boats, but cannot be used as a residence. We also went to see Wyndham Harbour, a new development in Werribee South that is expected to rapidly expand with its many new facilities. The area will provide additional tourist, residential and economic growth to the suburb.

The Werribee South Foreshore is an important part of the suburb’s ecosystem, as it gives a home for many different species, such as water-dwelling birds and insect larvae. The irrigation system is also important, as it supplies water and maintains the growth and production rate of the suburb’s many farms. Werribee South exports some of the highest amounts of lettuce, cauliflower and cabbage in Australia, and is highly important to markets both local and abroad. Werribee Park is one of the main attractions of the Werribee South suburb. Owned by various families throughout history and now managed by Parks Victoria, the area is home to large rose gardens and historic Italianate architecture. As a group, we also explored the K Road cliffs, which displays the effects of nature on a landscape through its heavily eroded and tall river areas.

Overall, our experience in the Werribee South tour was an interesting and enjoyable experience. As a year level, we learned about various different attractions and features in the suburb that we did not know about before. Our study and investigation of the suburb and its sustainability will now have a more practical application in our classes.

Written by Lara, Shannon, Stephanie and Lachlan from 9 Aqua. 

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