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St Marys Campus – Sustainability Day

27 February 2020 by

On Friday the 21 February, the students at St Mary’s campus came together to celebrate what we know as Sustainability Day.

This day is all about our environment and how we can keep the planet, and ourselves, healthy. We began the day watching a documentary/non-fiction film called ‘2040’, which is about climate change and the way our environment will change over the next few years.

It looks at how the world could look in 2040 if we utilise the technology we have today for the better.

The movie was very interesting and we spent the period after recess discussing it and doing some work on the film and the topics it included. These topics involved regenerative agriculture, renewable energies, improved transport systems and more.

After this we had a shared lunch within all of our classes. This involved getting bread rolls and filling them with different ingredients that each student brought for our class as well as eating assorted fresh fruits. It was pretty healthy but most importantly, it was delicious.

After lunch we went to our electives for the period. There were many different ones to choose from, including photography, outdoor games, board games, bike riding, tai chi, and more. It was lots of fun relaxing and doing some interesting activities with our friends and teachers.

Overall, Sustainability Day was a really fun day filled with learning, entertainment and fun.

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