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23 December 2019 by

The beginning of 2020 school year has seen the introduction of our new digital SEQTA Suite, replacing our older eWorkSpace portal. This new suite encompasses a comprehensive learning management system involving TEACH (teacher access), LEARN (student access) and ENGAGE (parents/guardians access). Phase One commenced at the beginning of the 2020 school year with staff professional development surrounding the use of TEACH. This will be for the rest of the term.

While this professional development is occurring, LEARN and ENGAGE will not be available. The reason being that the functionality of these particular modules are dependent on the successful introduction of TEACH to our staff.

During this initial phase, providing information pertaining to your son’s/daughter’s academic progress and work requirements via our Parent Portal (eWorkSpace), will not take place. We intend to deliver these important communications via phone calls, email, printed hard copies, student diaries and the like. This is only an interim measure until our TEACH system is up-and-running to the standard we have come to expect from our College.

Once we have our partially implemented TEACH then Phase 2 can begin with LEARN and ENGAGE coming online. We envisage this occurring early Term Two.

While there will be some inconvenience for our community in the interim, the end result will be a system that will provide the MacKillop College learning community with a comprehensive, easy-to-use learning management system. It will provide for a wholistic digital platform that meets our growing needs as a College.

More information about SEQTA will be offered at each of the Year Level Information Evenings that are held each year in Term 1.

 Parent Portal – eWorkSpace

The Parent Portal – eWorkSpace will be closing in early Term 1, 2020. After this time, access to your child’s past semester reports will no longer be available via this portal. However, prior to this date, you are encouraged to download each semester report on your child’s academic history at MacKillop College. 2020 timetables will not be displayed via this portal.

When we move to ENGAGE, the new parent portal associated to SEQTA, our new learning management system, you will again have access to these past reports as well as the usual on-going semester reports. Access to these reports in ENGAGE will not occur prior to Term 2, 2020.

If you have any enquiries pertaining to accessing your son’s/daughter’s past reports please contact the College (03 8734 5200) and our Office Administration will put you in contact with the appropriate staff.

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