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Seishu High School Students Visit

17 March 2017 by

The last few days have been very exciting for the College as a group of 11 students and 2 teachers are visiting the College from our Japanese sister school, Sapporo Seishu High School.

The Japanese students arrived on Wednesday afternoon and started their homestay experience from that evening. It is an exciting time for the MacKillop host students too as they get to use the Japanese language they have been practicing for the last few years. The communication might not be always smooth, but it’s all part of this experience!

On Thursday, the Seishu students had the tour of the College in the morning. During this time, they became friends with our famous cockatoos in front of our science building! Maybe we should teach the cockatoos how to say hello in Japanese for their next visit. After the tour, the Seishu students and Year 10 Japanese students joined together and baked ANZAC biscuits. Year 10 students did a great job translating the recipe to Japanese for the Seishu students, and they all successfully managed to bake biscuits to take home to their homestay families. The afternoon activities included a tour of Werribee where the students visited Werribee Mansion and the State Rose Garden.

Friday was another exciting day for the Japanese group as they went on an excursion to Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary and Geelong with Year 11 Japanese students. For some of them, it was the first time that they saw, in real life, Australian animals such as koalas and kangaroos. They got to pat some animals, and some of them even wore a lizard on their school uniform! There were plenty of opportunities to get up-close with the animals, and I’m sure they took many photos to show to their families back in Japan.

In the afternoon, both MacKillop and Seishu students were divided into small groups and did Geelong’s bollards walk. Starting from the swimming enclosure, they had to walk to the Cunningham’s Pier and find answers to the questions associated with each bollard in between. We could not ask for a better day for the activity and the students enjoyed the nice walk along the beach.

This weekend will be full of activities with the host families, and I am looking forward to hearing about it when I see them on Monday!

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