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Sapporo Seishu High School Visit 2

22 March 2017 by

Time flies when you are having fun. We have already had to say Sayonara to our friends from Sapporo Seishu High School after only greeting them a week ago.

On Monday, all the Seishu students came to school with stories to tell about the weekend they had spent with their host family. Some students enjoyed the last few days of summer by going to the beach, and others went to see Werribee’s Weerama festival. One student told us that she even participated in the Weerama parade!

Monday was the last day for the Seishu students to spend at MacKillop and they had an opportunity to try archery with Mr Higham in the morning. After the archery session, the students joined the Year 12 Japanese class. Year 12 students have been working on the topic of “changing roles of women in Japanese society” and this visit was a great opportunity for them to interview and find out what Japanese young people think about gender roles in Japan. A lot of conversation took place in the room both in Japanese and in English. The Seishu students learned a lot of Australian slangs in this class too so that they can sound more Aussie!

The Seishu group travelled to St Mary’s Campus in the afternoon to join 9 White Japanese class. In groups, Year 9 students prepared a small presentation for the Japanese students to introduce different aspects of Australian culture. The topics included sports, school, animals, food, art and weather. Students were pleasantly surprised to find out how much they can communicate despite the language barrier.

The Seishu High School visit came to an end that afternoon, and all the students and host families were invited to the afternoon tea gathering to farewell them. I have witnessed the strong connection between the students and the host families and would like to thank our host families for making their visit a special one. We look forward to welcoming another group from Seishu High School for 10 weeks in Term 3.

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