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SACCSS Senior Soccer results – Round 1

19 July 2019 by

On Thursday 18 July, the Senior Boys and Girls Soccer teams played their first games of the season.

The Senior Boys team lost to Emmanuel in the final minute of the game while the Senior Girls had a comfortable win at Melton, highlighted by the performance of Soli Habtom, who scored five goals.

SENIOR BOYS: Emmanuel 4 def. MacKillop 3
Goals – H.Kilpatrick, J.Polyzoudis, D.Vaina
Best players – H.Kilpatrick, K.Paganis, J.Todaro, J.Zamperoni

SENIOR GIRLS: MacKillop 7 def. CRC Melton 2
Goals – S.Habtom 5, C.Delgado 1, L.Doctor 1
Best players – S.Habtom, C.Delgado, L.Doctor, L.Robinson, M.Daw

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