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SACCSS Senior Soccer results – Round 1

17 June 2016 by

Thursday 16th June was a great day for MacKillop Soccer with the Senior Boys and Girls teams both winning their round 1 matches away from home.
Senior Boys – MacKillop 3 def. Marymede 2
Goals: Matt Chak 2, Peter Paganis 1.
Best: P.Paganis, R.La Motta, K.Aitken, C.Thar, M.Chak, K.Malou, M.Knezevic

Senior Girls – MacKillop 3 def. Penola 1
Goals: Anger Akec 2, Bridget Cox 1.
Best: Anger Akec, J.Thomas, S.Korbut, B.Cox, Abuk Akec, N.Bech, S.Smales

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