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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball results – Round 4

26 May 2015 by

Congratulations to the Senior Football and Netball teams on their outstanding wins over Salesian College on Tuesday.
It was Salesian’s first loss in Senior Football since the 2009 Grand Final.
Football – MacKillop 17.14.116 def. Salesian 3.7.25
Goals: J.Dundon 3, M.Copley 2, M.Knezevic 2, K.Coe 2, T.Whiting 1, S.Cross 1, B.Siwek 1, D.Kerruish 1, J.Tessari 1, B.Poole 1, B.McMahon 1, C.O’Malley 1
Best players: M.Atem, J.Dundon, M.Copley, B.Houlihan, B.Siwek, G.Donnon

Netball – MacKillop 56 def. Salesian 4
Best players: S.Hannath, J.Lake, R.Harris, Anger Akec

The next game for both teams will be played on Thursday, 18th June, followed by the Grand Finals on Wednesday, 24th June.

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