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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball results – Round 4

27 May 2014 by

On Tuesday, the Senior Girls Netball team continued their unbeaten run with a 16 goal win over second placed Salesian, while the Senior Boys Football team went down by 12 points in their first loss of the season.

Netball – MacKillop 37 def. Salesian 21
Best: Anger Akec, N.Vercher, H.Ellul, R.Harris

Football – Salesian 14.6.90 def. MacKillop 11.12.78
Goals: K.Coe 5, B.Houlihan 2, A.Limina 2, J.Dundon 1, C.O’Sullivan 1.
Best: B.Houlihan, K.Coe, A.Limina, C.O’Sullivan, A.Daw, M.Copley

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