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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball results – Round 3

23 May 2017 by

On Tuesday, the Senior Football and Netball teams remained undefeated after recording wins over Penola.
FOOTBALL – MacKillop 10.8.68 def. Penola 7.9.51
Goals: M.Chak 4, A.Alabakis 2, L.Robinson 2, J.Kellett 2
Best players: B.Siwek, Z.Busuttil, C.Gilboy, T.Donnon, A.Alabakis, M.Chak, J.Kellett

NETBALL – MacKillop 63 def. Penola 14
Best players: M.Puli, C.Uzzell, N.Akec, A.Bol

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