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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball Grand Finals

28 June 2017 by

On Tuesday 27 June, the Senior Football and Netball teams both won Mackillop’s third consecutive SACCSS premierships when they had convincing wins in their respective Grand Finals.
Football – MacKillop 10.8.68 def. Salesian 4.3.27
Goals: K.James 3, A.Alabakis 1, T.Donnon 1, J.Spinks 1, C.Thar 1, B.Siwek 1, D.Andrews 1, L.Wockner 1.
Best: D.Andrews, K.James, C.Thar, B.Siwek, J.Kellett, Z.Busuttil, J.Spinks, L.Rocci
Netball – MacKillop 41 def. CRC Melton 24
Best: K.Angleton (37 goals), N.Akec, A.Bol, H.Cran

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