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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball Grand Finals

22 June 2016 by

Congratulations go to all students involved in the Senior Football and Netball teams after they both made it back-to-back premierships with convincing wins in their respective SACCSS Grand Finals.
Football – MacKillop 11.9.75 def. Salesian 5.5.35
Goals: J.Dundon 3, M.Grubb 3, L.Wockner 1, J.Tessari 1, J.Snow 1, Z.Busuttil 1, M.Atem 1.
Best: B.Siwek, J.Dundon, C.Thar, Z.Busuttil, B.Taylor, J.Fletcher

Netball – MacKillop 57 def. CRC Melton 10
Best: Anger Akec, Abuk Akec, E.Vincent, E.Briggs

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