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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball Grand Final success

29 June 2015 by

Congratulations to the Senior Football and Netball teams on their outstanding performances in Wednesday’s SACCSS Grand Finals.
This is MacKillop’s first Senior Netball title since 2012 and our first Senior Football title since 2009. Well done to all those involved.
Senior Netball – MacKillop 48 def. CRC Melton 27
Goals: J. Savory 25, Anger Akec 20, E.Vincent 3
Best Players: J. Savory (best on court), Anger Akec, R. Harris, J.De Girolamo, Abuk Akec

SENIOR FOOTBALL – Mackillop 19.12.126 def. Salesian 5.8.38
Goals: M.Knezevic 8, G.Donnon 3, L.Scarborough 2, M.Atem 1, J.Snow 1, B.Siwek 1, J.Dundon 1, M.Copley 1, J.Tessari 1
Best Players: M.Knezevic (Best on Ground), B.Houlihan, G.Donnon, M.Atem, J.Dundon, M.Copley, B.Siwek, J.Fletcher

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