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SACCSS Senior Football & Netball Grand Final results

27 June 2012 by

Congratulations to all students who represented MacKillop in the SACCSS Senior Football and Netball Grand Finals on Wednesday.
The Girls Netball team prevented St Monica’s winning their third consecutive title while the Boys Football team went down to a superior Salesian team who won their fifth Senior Football title in six years.
MacKillop 29 def. St Monica’s 22
Goals – A.Brunato 18, A.Giarrusso 11
Best – L.Vercher, A.Giarrusso, T.Karcoushkas, A.Brunato

Salesian 12.15.87 def. MacKillop 4.7.31
Goals – H.King 1, L.Cachia 1, A.Limina 1, L.McMahon 1.
Best – A.Court, T.Kriehn, N.Coyne, P.O’Brien, N.Jones, L.McMahon, H.King

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