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SACCSS Senior Football and Netball results – Round 4

01 June 2017 by

On Thursday the Senior Football and Netball teams had outstanding victories against archrivals Salesian College.
Both teams remain undefeated and on top of the ladder.
Boys Football – MacKillop 7.10.52 def. Salesian 5.4.34
Goals: L.Wockner 5, J.Sloan 1, A.Alabakis 1.
Best players: L.Rocci, Z.Busuttil, L.Wockner, J.Sloan, B.Poole, T.Donnon, J.Spinks

Girls Netball – MacKillop 39 def. Salesian 19
Best players: N.Akec, A.Bol, R.Vidler, K.Angleton

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