Important Dates January 2020

The Administration Office is now open:
Monday 20 January 2020 – Friday 24 January 2020 business hours are 8:15am – 3:45pm, Closed 11:30am – 12:30pm daily

Closed Monday 27 January 2020  (Australia Day Public Holiday)
Closed Tuesday 28 January 2020  (Professional Development)

Normal office hours resume Wednesday 29 January 2020 from 8:00am to 4:30pm

Students return for Term 1 2020 on Friday 31 January 2020


The beginning of 2020 school year will see the introduction of our new digital SEQTA Suite, replacing our older eWorkSpace portal. This new suite encompasses a comprehensive learning management system involving TEACH (teacher access), LEARN (student access) and ENGAGE (parents/guardians access). Phase One will commence at the beginning of the 2020 school year with staff professional development surrounding TEACH as well as the introduction of our new management system.

While this professional development is occurring, LEARN and ENGAGE will not be available. The reason being that the functionality of these particular modules are dependent on the successful introduction of TEACH to our staff.

During this initial phase, providing information pertaining to your son’s/daughter’s academic progress and work requirements via our Parent Portal (eWorkSpace), will not take place. We intend to deliver these important communications via phone calls, email, printed hard copies, student diaries and the like. This is only an interim measure until our TEACH system is up-and-running to the standard we have come to expect from our College.

Once we have our implemented TEACH then Phase 2 can begin with LEARN and ENGAGE coming online. We envisage this occurring early Term Two.

While there will be some inconvenience for our community in the interim, the end result will be a system that will provide the MacKillop College learning community with a comprehensive, easy-to-use learning management system that is better integrated into Synergetic, our new student information system. This will provide for a wholistic digital platform that meets our growing needs as a College.

More information about SEQTA will be offered at each of the Year Level Information Evenings that are held each year in Term 1.

 Parent Portal – eWorkSpace

The Parent Portal – eWorkSpace will be closing in Term 1, 2020. After this time, access to your child’s past semester reports will no longer be available via this portal. However, prior to this date, you are encouraged to download each semester report on your child’s academic history at MacKillop College. 2020 timetables will not be displayed via this portal.

When we move to ENGAGE, the new parent portal associated to SEQTA, our new learning management system, you will again have access to these past reports as well as the usual on-going semester reports. Access to these reports in ENGAGE will not occur prior to Term 2, 2020.

If you have any enquiries pertaining to accessing your son’s/daughter’s past reports please contact the College (03 8734 5200) and our Office Administration will put you in contact with the appropriate staff.

Day 1, 2020 Uniform

Physical Education practical classes will not be scheduled for any year level on Friday January 31, 2020. As such, all students will need to be in full summer uniform when school resumes on this day. Please also be aware that students will receive their timetable in homeroom on this day.

SACCSS Year 8 Premier League Grand Final Results

Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Basketball and Netball teams, on winning their respective Premier League Grand Finals.

Both teams played superbly to defeat their previously undefeated opponents.

Girls Basketball – MacKillop 59 def. Emmanuel 33
Girls Netball – MacKillop 30 def. Salesian 23

SACCSS Year 8 Premier League Grand Finals Rescheduled

The Year 8 Premier League Grand Finals have been rescheduled to next week due to the extreme heat forecast on Thursday.

Tuesday 26 November – Girls Basketball v. Emmanuel at Altona Stadium (1:30pm start)
Wednesday 27 November – Girls Netball v. Salesian at Eagle Stadium (1:00pm start)

Digital Literacy – What does it mean?

If we consider the basic Wikipedia definition of digital literacy as referring to an individual’s ability to find, evaluate and compose clear information through writing and other mediums on various digital platforms, then we could be missing some critical elements of what it means to be digitally literate in the current century. According to Coldwell-Neilson (2019) digital literacy also implies the ability to identify and use technology in a confident, creative and often critical manner so the demands and challenges of life, learning and working in a digital society are met.

What does this mean for our students at MacKillop College? It implies the need for our students to be flexible, adaptable and lifelong learners, as they will need to develop and adapt their digital literacy skills while maintaining their digital footprint over their lifetime. Some of these skills may include:

  • responsibly, thoughtfully and confidently utilising a variety of technological tools in a constantly fluctuating digitally enhanced environment
  • being able to locate, engage with and critically evaluate for authenticity, information from a variety of sources
  • the ability to transfer learnt skill sets to new and varied platforms, applications and contexts (digital fluency)
  • curation of data and media sources to collate information
  • their communication, collaboration and participation in online environments in a respectful and ethical manner
  • safe management of an online identity as well as personal security and privacy
  • creation of online content that is professional, ethical as well as culturally and socially acceptable

Coldwell-Neilson, J. (2019). What is digital literacy? Retrieved from

Major Information System Changes

Our present eWorkSpace Parent Portal and Student Learning Management System (LMS) will be retired at the end of 2019. After a rigorous investigation into alternative solutions by our Intranet / LMS Selection Panel, the College has decided upon SEQTA as its preferred provider. SEQTA is a collaborative teaching and learning ecosystem which provides for the needs of all of the major stakeholders in our learning community i.e. students, parents/guardians and teachers.

SEQTA offers us a wonderful opportunity to better provide those services that best serve improved academic and student wellbeing outcomes for all of our students. The initial implementation of the SEQTA environment will occur at the beginning of 2020 and will take approximately two years before full services are available. Of course the essential information services pertaining to staff awareness of your child’s medical notes, attendance and elements of reporting and assessments will be met from the outset.

Some practices and procedures may change as we roll out the system and some procedures may only be interim until we get systems up and running but please be rest assured that all people impacted upon will be given sufficient notice prior to any changes.

We will keep our community informed as to these major developments at the College as we move forward into 2020 and beyond.

SACCSS Year 8 Premier League Grand Finals

On Thursday 21 November, two teams will play in Year 8 Premier League Grand Finals.

Girls Basketball v. Emmanuel at Altona Stadium (1:30pm start)
Girls Netball v. Salesian at Eagle Stadium (1:20pm start)

SACCSS Year 8 Premier League Semi-Final results

Boys Basketball – St Monica’s 51 def. MacKillop 21
Girls Basketball – MacKillop 44 def. Kolbe 38

Girls Netball – MacKillop 51 def. Penola 18

Girls Volleyball – St Monica’s 3 def. MacKillop 0

*The Girls Basketball and Netball teams will play in their Grand Finals next Thursday 21st November.