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Parents and VCE Exams

26 October 2016 by

Tips for Parents of VCE Students

Coming up to exams the stress is palpable, not only for students, but their parents as well. The Library has compiled a list of tips for parents to help their teenagers throughout the exam period.

  • Nutrition – ensure that your child is eating a wholesome, nutritious diet. Healthy food will help teenagers get the most out of their study sessions as well as get a better sleep.
  • Sleep – encourage your child to get their daily required 8-9 hours of sleep. Late night study binges should be avoided the night before an exam, as lack of sleep will impact exam performance.
  • Organised space – Help your child find a place in the home that has limited distractions. A table or desk that is organised and uncluttered will help teenagers feel focused and in control.
  • Know their timetable – encourage your child to share their study and exam timetable. Knowing what has been scheduled will assist you in helping your child to keep on track and alert you to busy and high stress periods.
  • Short Breaksyour child will need to take a break from the stresses of study. Help them plan something to look forward to in between study sessions (e.g. 20 minutes of sport, half an hour of T.V, 15 minutes of meditation, a coffee break etc.)
  • Help with study – Don’t underestimate your power to help with your child’s study. Offer to help with pop-quiz revision, the creation of mind maps or anything else that you feel may benefit your teenager.
  • Be supportive – VCE students are subjected to immense pressure, particularly during exam period. A young person who has a supportive network is much more likely to better deal with stresses.

Further Resources

There are many resources on the internet which can help assist parents of VCE students. A selection is included below.

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