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National eSmart Week at MacKillop College

14 September 2015 by

From Monday 7 to Friday 11 of September, MacKillop College along with hundreds of other schools around Australia, participated in the inaugural National eSmart Week. As an initiative of “The Alannah and Madeline Foundation” this week aimed to celebrate and raise awareness of cybersafety and digital literacy, as well as reduce cyberbullying and increase the smart, safe and responsible use of technologies.

National eSmart Week at MacKillop College was celebrated by staff and students spending time looking at various cybersafety websites including those related to school cybersafety (www.esmartschools.org.au), cyberbullying (https://esafety.gov.au) and online awareness (www.thinkuknow.org.au). A MacKillop College cybersafety website was also specifically created to celebrate National eSmart Week at our school (http://cybersafetymackillop.weebly.com/) together with visual displays at the Main (Library, Student Services) and St Mary’s Campuses. The website and displays showcased information on email scamming, phishing and responsible text messaging and downloading, through poems, raps, songs and info-graphics created by MacKillop College students. Students were also able to view work samples by MacKillop College students each day on their notebook login screen.

We ended the week by asking each staff member and student to take a pledge to stand up against cyberbullying by making a commitment to being a responsible and respectful digital citizen. Congratulations to the year 7 and 10 students for making the strongest commitment to being responsible and respectful digital citizens.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate National eSmart Week annually in our pledge to be responsible and respectful digital citizens.

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