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May Report – Year 9 & 10

06 May 2012 by

After a reflective and restful holiday, Term 2 marks the start of a challenging term as we move from summer and autumn into winter. In the coming weeks, students will receive their interim reports. These reports give both parents/guardians and students an insight into how well they are learning, allow students to reflect on their efforts so far and to set some goals for Term 2. Having goals and good study habits will ensure ongoing success for all students. Term 2 will also be a busy term for students with regards to co-curricular programs. Over the next 2 weeks, at Year 9 and 10, students are taking part in the Met Link and City experience activities. These programs take learning from the classroom into the community. Well done to our successful Year 9 Premier League teams, not only did they achieve success on the field, they represented the College with great enthusiasm, and sportsmanship. We look forward to Year 10 students taking part during Term 3. We wish everyone a great Term 2!

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