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MacKillop retains Mack Thom Cup

13 July 2016 by

MacKillop has retained the Mack Thom Cup for the ninth consecutive year after winning the five game series 3-2.
After winning the Boys and Girls Basketball games convincingly at the start of Term 2, MacKillop had to fight hard to win one of the three games played on Wednesday. The Boys Football team went down by three points, while the Boys Soccer team lost in a penalty shootout. Thankfully the Girls Netball team saved the day with a hard fought four goal win which enabled MacKillop to retain the Mack Thom Cup once again.
Boys Football – Thomas Carr 7.6.48 def. MacKillop 6.9.45
Goals: J.Snow 1, E.Tzagarakis 1, J.Budd 1, J.Tessari 1, J.Donnon 1, D.Andrews 1

Girls Netball – MacKillop 31 def. Thomas Carr 27
Goals: K.Angleton 16, E.Vincent 15
Best: E.Briggs, C.De Girolamo, A.Bol

Boys Soccer – Thomas Carr 2 drew MacKillop 2 (Thomas Carr won 4-3 on penalties)
Goals: M.Chak 1, S.Buong 1
Best: R.La Motta, P.Paganis, K.Aitken, S.Buong

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