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Mack Thom Cup results

07 September 2017 by

On Wednesday MacKillop defeated Thomas Carr in all three games to retain the Mack Thom Cup for the tenth consecutive year.
Well done to all students who played in the three winning teams on Wednesday, as well as those who played in the two basketball games back in Term 2.
Boys Soccer – MacKillop 5 def. Thomas Carr 0
Goals: K.Malou 2, M.Chak 1, K.Aitken 1, S.Gordon 1
Best: S.Gordon (Mack Thom medallist), K.Malou, J.Borg, S.Reale, K.Aitken

Girls Netball – MacKillop 59 def. Thomas Carr 23
Best: H.Cran (Mack Thom medallist), M.Puli, L.Ngauamo, B.De Girolamo

Boys Football – MacKillop 17.16.118 def. Thomas Carr 3.2.20
Goals: D.Phillips 4, C.Thar 3, L.Wockner 3, B.Siwek 2, J.Sloan 2, T.Donnon 1, K.Reynolds 1, A.Alabakis 1.
Best: B.Siwek (Mack Thom medallist), T.Donnon, C.Thar, D.Phillips, L.Rocci, M.Chak

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