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08 June 2016 by

What is Links Plus?

Links Plus is a collection of educational website and fiction directories for 5 to 19 year olds. It has been designed to make research more efficient and help students save time trying to find relevant information.

How does Links Plus differ from a standard Google Search?

Links Plus is more reliable than a standard Google Search, with the latter retrieving results from the open web. Students need to possess refined evaluation skills when accessing results retrieved from Google, as some websites are subject to bias and contain incorrect information.

All results listed on Links Plus are teacher-reviewed, approved and annotated web sites, so students can be sure the information they are accessing is credible.

How do you use Links Plus?

To access Links Plus visit the JBC Library home page and scroll to the ‘Quick Finds’ box.

Students will need to input the Mackillop username and password listed to access this database.

Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with features of database searching, including keyword, subject heading, learning area and article identification number limiters.

Who should be using Links Plus?

All year levels should be using Links Plus to begin their research, particularly years 7-10. If students need direction navigating this tool, they are encouraged to come to the Library to speak with Ms Garton or Miss Nettleton.

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