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,Japan Trip 2016 Update 4

25 June 2016 by

After our encounter with Japanese Rat Snakes we retreated to an Indian Curry restaurant in an area known for its ‘onsens’ (bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs). The curries and naan were well received.

The second part of this excursion was to venture to one of Sapporo’s most popular leisure spots Hokeikyo Dam surrounded by the natural landscape of the blue lake and green mountains. We could only imagine what it would look like in autumn colours.

Everyday MacKillop students arrive at Seishu High School by around 8.15am and they come from all around Sapporo with one student walking for 35 minutes and another requiring two subway trains and also taking 35 minutes.

This morning, being the end of the week, saw our students and teachers be presented for a second time at a staff meeting. This time was for a thank-you and farewell. We spoke of our opportunity and our relationship with Seishu High School and then gifted the school. Our gift had indigenous origins which reminded us of Hokkaido’s Ainu.

On returning to the International Room, where we have been based, the students completed their impressions and reflections of the immersion program so far. The next two classes involved our students in a Japanese Cultural experience and then an International Culture class where the theme of differences and similarities continued.

Nagaoka Sensei delivered a presentation to 60 students explaining the Universal Course Immersion Program (offered at MacKillop College in Australia). Seishu High School students were very engaged given their questions after the presentation. MacKillop students were also proud of their teacher’s efforts.

After lunch we made our way to the Cooking Room where we cooked ‘onigirazu’ in preparation for the Farewell Party. Seishu High School’s Dancing Team provided entertainments to open the party. Interesting to not that the dancers could have left after their performance and were more than happy to stay and interact. This was a common theme revealing comfort in each other’s company and only requiring a few days for this. The events MCs were from the Year 3 Universal English Class and we heard speeches from Kyoto Sensei Miyaji and Mr Higham. We also heard from the Seishu’s SRC and Dana Galvan, and then ate generously.

Friday was the earliest our students have returned home as we left Seishu HS at 6.00pm.

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