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Japan Trip 2016 Update 1

21 June 2016 by

On Saturday 18 June, an excited group of ten students and three staff members left Australian on MacKillop College’s Japan Trip.

We arrived in Sapporo on Sunday and spent a relaxing afternoon in Odori Park, where the famous Snow Festival is held in winter every year. Each student chose their favourite bento lunch from nearby convenience store (oh the range of food they have in there!) and we all sat on the grass and had a picnic. In the evening, in small groups of three or four, students went to local restaurants and managed to order their dinner in Japanese. All the phrases they have learned in role-plays in their Japanese class were finally used in real life!

After a very good night sleep, the group visited our sister school, Sapporo Seishu High School, where we will spend the next seven days. We were warmly welcomed by the hosting students and teachers and participated in their English class for the afternoon. MacKillop students and Seishu students used both Japanese and English to communicate, and the conversations were unstoppable. It was only the first day at Seishu, but we already made a lot of friends.

After school, MacKillop students were officially welcomed by the Seishu HS students council in the welcome ceremony and finally introduced to their host families. The students seemed a little nervous to go into the homestay, butĀ I amĀ confident that the next seven days will become one of the best experiences they will have in high school.

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