Enrolment Information

To apply to become an international student at MacKillop College the applicant must firstly express interest via an email to international@mackillop.vic.edu.au or using the form below.

    Subject / Type of enquiry

    Once processed, the College’s International Registrar will then forward our Enrolment Application Form – International Students.

    The applicant needs to return the following to the International Registrar:

    • a completed Enrolment Application Form –International Students
    • a copy of the International English Language Test System (IELTS) results, Australian Assessment Services (AEAS) results or equivalent test results
    • an Application Fee

    Once approved the applicant will receive a Letter of Offer and Acceptance of Offer accompanied by a document that helps you understand your offer. Then when the offer has been accepted and the initial fee deposited, you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Student Welfare Letter (CAAW).

    If agents are interested in representing students please email the College at international@mackillop.vic.edu.au or submit an enquiry. We will then forward an agent pre-agreement questionnaire and, floowing acceptable referee checks, we will forward our agency agreement.

    Mouth of the Werribee River

    Mouth of the Werribee River