School Board

MacKillop College Education Board Members


Canonical Administrators

Fr. Albert Yogarajah
(St Andrew’s)
  Fr Vincent John
(St Peter’s)
Fr Jude Pirotta
(St James)



Mr Rory Kennedy




Elected Members
Mr Lee Revell,
Chairperson (St James Representative)
  Mr Davin Kroegar,
(Parent Representative)
Mrs Suellen Colla
(St Peter’s Representative)
Mr Nimal Pandithakoralege
(St Andrews Representative)
Mrs Mairead Taylor
(Parent Representative)
 No photo available Mrs Joanne Sammut
(Parent Representative)
Ms Ann Sayer
(Parents & Friends Representative)
Mr Warren Arrowsmith
(Staff Representative)



Mr Paul Scott
(Finance Advisor)


Enquiries to Board Members can be made via the Contact form on the Contact Us page.