Leadership Groups


MacKillop College uses a collaborative process with students, emphasising the objective that all members of the school population can contribute to the common good. We believe that students play an active and important part in the life of the College.

All students share responsibility for leadership at the College. In many areas of school life, students are given formal opportunities for leadership.

The challenge of leadership is an important part of our students’ learning experiences. It is held in very high esteem and is recognised on many occasions throughout the school year. It is hoped that through these experiences those students who have taken on the mantle of leadership will learn much in terms of the qualities needed for good leadership as well as gaining a compassionate vision.

Joshua Piovesan College Captain Natalie Symonds Performing Arts Captain
Zahra Abela College Captain Rachel Kerr Sports Captain Captain
Alessia Bellino College Captain Emma Strongman Sports Captain Captain
Daisy Rickard College Captain Taylah-Jane Musarra Sustainability & Environment Captain
Mary Daw College Captain Kaysa Nyberg Sustainability & Environment Captain
Marcus O’Malley College Captain Jeremy Saunders Sustainability & Environment Captain
Madeline Mudie College Captain Jasvine Salarda Wellbeing Captain
Meagan West Academic Captain Lavenia Rupeti Wellbeing Captain
Noah Kocet Academic Captain
Milka Samuel Catholic Identity Captain
Jade Armitage Creative Arts Captain
Kaitlyn Forssell Creative Arts Captain
Sarah Sayer Creative Arts Captain
Kate Sheridan Creative Arts Captain
Madeline Burns Performing Arts Captain
Jessica Calleja Performing Arts Captain
Ryan Jordan Performing Arts Captain
Blake Mitchell Performing Arts Captain
Brittany Schultz Performing Arts Captain
Elisha Stinchcombe Performing Arts Captain
Suren Sunil Performing Arts Captain