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Indigenous in our Australian Society – Djaambi Day

26 June 2013 by

On Friday 21st June a group of Indigenous students from MacKillop College and from all other schools in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne went to Deakin University in Waurn Ponds for Djaambi day. It is a chance for all Indigenous students to get together to learn and share their experiences of being Indigenous in our Australian society. On the day students were split into groups representing different animal totems. The first activity was speaking with an Aboriginal elder from the Wathaurong tribe. He taught the group how to speak his language and learn the meanings and origins of words spoken. The second activity, again in a group environment,  was sharing our tribe names. Mine is the Wiradjuri tribe. I learnt about the different tribes that the people in my group belonged to. We learnt about how we can identify Aboriginal tribes by their clothing, music, dances and totems. The final activity involved another Indigenous elder talking about when he was a little kid and what they did to have fun and survive, such as walk 40km to go see a film. At the end of the day each group had to make a story about their totem. It was a good day because I met new people and learnt more about my culture.

Christopher Feeney, Year 10

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