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Google Advanced vs Google

19 May 2016 by

The Library has recently visited the Year Seven Digital Technologies and Year Twelve History and Biology classrooms to discuss research techniques that will equip them with the skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Students have been encouraged to redefine the way in which they search for information by using Google Advanced over a standard Google search. Google Advanced allows students to have more control of the information they are receiving and ensures that results are relevant, efficient and targetted.

It is important that students become critical users of the information that is deemed most suitable for them when searching on the Open Web, and using the controlled searching features on Google Advanced nurtures this capacity.

If students require further information about using Google Advanced to its full potential, they are encouraged to come to the Library and ask for assistance from the Ms Garton and Miss Nettleton.

There is also support material on the Library Homepage which details some of the  key features students should be utilising in Google Advanced.

 Access Google Advanced

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