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Engage – student reports

18 June 2020 by

Early next term, your son/daughter’s Semester 1 reports will be published via our new Parent/Guardian portal ‘Engage’. All of our families have been invited  to access SEQTA ‘Engage’ with a significant amount already having viewed their son/daughter’s progress.

We encourage all families who have not accessed this portal to do so by responding to the instructions that have already been emailed. ‘Engage’ can be accessed by either PC or Mac machines using Chrome/Safari/Edge web browsers. A mobile phone app (iPhone/Android) is also available. ‘Engage’ will be the only way in which families can access reports upon publication. Currently all of your son’s/daughter’s past reports exist inside this College portal.

To sign in with your College username/password already sent to you, click here. If any issues please click here Contact: ICT Support Services and at the bottom of the page you can enter an enquiry to access these services.


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