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28 July 2016 by

What is Encyclopedia Britannica?

Encyclopedia Britannica allows students to discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that support research and reinforce curriculum standards.

Core subjects, including English, Maths, Science and the Humanities are covered with engaging resources such as interactive lessons, activities, worksheets, study guides and research tools. All content has been created to enhance the experience of the 21st century learner and ensure they are well equipped with the information needed to support their studies.

How does Encyclopedia Britannica differ from a standard Google Search?

The information contained in Encyclopedia Britannica has been written, edited, reviewed and updated by credible and authoritative experts. Students can trust that the information they are interacting with is credible and trustworthy information that has been aligned with curriculum guidelines.

Students can also organise their content into resource packs which ensures that the research conducted can be easily accessed and retrieved for assignments and coursework. Students can also search, tag, save and share content encouraging collaborative learning

How do I use Encyclopedia Britannica?

Encyclopedia Britannica can be accessed via the Library homepage through the Britannica search box. Once students are within the Encyclopedia database, students can change the set Middle School portal  (7-9) option to High School (10-12), differentiating the content to each student’s reading ability, age and year level.


Who should use Encyclopedia Britannica?

All students should be using Encyclopedia Britannica to assist with their coursework and assignments. Encyclopedia Britannica has been designed to cater for all year levels with users able to use the Encyclopedia through a middle school (7-9) or high school (10-12) format. Reading levels can also be chosen to cater to the different needs of students.

If students have difficulty accessing this tool, they are encouraged to come to the Library to speak to Ms Garton or Miss Nettleton.

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