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EBSCOhost Research Databases

30 May 2016 by

What is EBSCOhost?
EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system offering general reference collections and specially designed, subject-specific databases for school libraries. It is a powerful platform that assists students with their research needs. EBSCOhost is also a widely used tool to find information at TAFEs and Universities.

How does EBSCOhost differ from a standard Google Search?
Just like Google Advanced, an EBSCOhost search gives the searcher more control of the information being received. Unlike a standard Google Search, the user of an EBSCOhost can be sure that the information received is harvested from credible sources and can be confidently used in their research.

How do I use EBSCOhost?
To access EBSCOhost, visit the JBC Library home page and scroll to the ‘Quick Finds’ box.

ebscohostWhilst EBSCOhost has Google-like features, this a scholarly database that Library staff can assist you with. We encourage students to become familiar with the features of EBSCOhost including:

  • The ability to limit information by date-range
  • Investigating peer- reviewed journal articles
  • Focusing on information from specific source types
  • Undertaking subject searches
  • Using the citation information to complete a bibliography

Who should use EBSCOhost?
All students should be using EBSCOhost, especially senior students when undertaking their research. VCE students are encouraged to talk to Ms Garton or Miss Nettleton if they would like to explore this tool further.

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