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Digital Intelligence

10 August 2018 by

Literature can use the term digital intelligence when referring to a student’s online awareness and experience. Digital Intelligence means having the necessary knowledge, skills and ability to understand and adapt one’s emotional and behavioural responses in overcoming the challenges of the digital era. For young people, this is directly linked to how they use technology and includes the social, emotional, and cognitive abilities essential to digital life.

These are further explained on the website of the commissioner at www.esafety.gov.au as:

RESPECT – acting respectfully towards others, acknowledging and appreciating that others may have different cultures, backgrounds and/or points of view.

CRITICAL THINKING – thinking critically about what you see online and asking questions to identify and analyse information that may seek to exploit or misinform.

RESILIENCE – being resilient and responding with strength and maturity when risks are encountered online.

RESPONSIBILITY – being responsible about what you say and do by engaging positively with others and being accountable for your behaviour.

EMPATHY – being empathetic to others and using emotional intelligence to respect opinions, embrace diversity of opinion and freedom of speech.

Written by Karen Garton on behalf of the eSmart Team.

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