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Cybersafety expert provides timely advice to MacKillop staff and parents

13 November 2014 by

Cybersafety expert Brett Lee presented to both staff and parents at MacKillop College on Wednesday, November 12th not only highlighting the positive influences the internet can have in a student’s life but also the risks associated with the online world.

Brett, whose background includes working for the Queensland Police, training the Iraqi Police Force, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Cyber Crimes Centre spoke of the importance of transferring real world attitudes and morals in the cyber world and how these traits are needed for a safe online experience.

While the majority of student’s experiences on the internet are positive ones, Brett highlighted 3 apps that he strongly recommended students should avoid – Ask.fm, QuizUp and Tinder. These programs have been linked to a number of tragic incidents and potentially dangerous situations.

You can find out more information to help maintain a safe internet experience including an online course for parents on cybersafety at Brett’s website, http://www.iness.com.au/.

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