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COVID-19 – 27 April Update 1

27 April 2020 by


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As we move into our second cycle of remote learning it would seem, as a community, we are beginning to find our rhythm with this new way of being.

In the past two weeks we have had many successes and this is wholly due to the manner in which the entire MacKillop Community has come together to support one another.

Over the past ten days the College has conducted in excess of 1700 Community Outreach phone calls to enquire how families are experiencing current events and if we can support them in any way. Our Learning Support Officers have connected with various students across the College and are finding creative ways to support them in their learning. MacKillop’s teachers have spent countless hours preparing and presenting materials and resources for their students while offering feedback where possible. Most teachers are now finding that they must re-plan and change their initial work for their classes as a result of the feedback from their students and the parent/guardian community.

Our heartfelt thanks to our parent/guardian community for your tolerance, patience and support. The feedback given has seen a number of tweaks to our way of operating in this crisis, which you will see rolled out over the coming days, including a simplified Learning Continuity Form for our junior students and the deliberate intent to offer our students less content, different assessment and improved engagement.

As remote learning becomes our new, if temporary normal, we seek your continued support and ask that if you are experiencing any difficulties to please report this to the relevant staff at the College.

And in the words of Mary MacKillop in 1872, “May God bless and strengthen you. Confide all to God. See how God carries us through the storms.


Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy

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