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COVID-19 – 23 March Update 1

23 March 2020 by


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As of Tuesday 24 March 2020 all students at MacKillop College are officially on school holidays.

Teaching staff will spend the next four days preparing for the potential reality of moving towards delivering an online curriculum next term. As school holidays have been declared, online learning will not commence until next term. Having said that, as is usual practice, VCE students can expect normal ‘holiday homework’ communicated to them in the next few days.

We trust all parents/guardians have had the opportunity to read Update 1 sent out on Friday 20 March. This update offers some helpful advice about what to expect in regards to online learning.

There will be ongoing updates regarding the commencement of Term 2. As soon as information is available this will be communicated to you.


Rory Kennedy

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