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COVID-19 – 22 July Update 1

22 July 2020 by


Dear Parents and Guardians,


There have been so many confusing and contradictory messages around the topic of masks during this pandemic. What remains true, however, is that their purpose is the protection of those around us.

With this in mind, we ask your assistance in making sure the coverings/masks used by students are such that they will remain safely in place without any additional intervention or adjustment. In the interests of hygiene and comfort, parents/guardians are also reminded that both cloth and disposable masks/coverings will need to be changed throughout the course of the day.

As you well know, a school such as ours cannot operate without healthy functioning educators and, at present, staff and students alike are at risk if this measure of protective wear is not implemented with care and consideration.

We believe masks are the best option and the College will provide masks in instances where appropriate face coverings cannot be provided from home. Similarly, if a student arrives at the College without a mask, they will be provided with one by the College, which they will be expected to wear.

Just to note, as the law of mandatory masks comes into effect tomorrow, Thursday 23 July, there is a risk of a $200 fine should students be caught travelling to and from the College without appropriate face coverings in place.

We are all adjusting to this new, more extreme measure, and thank you for your considered understanding where the safety and protection of our staff and students are concerned.


Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy

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